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Dry and Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges

When it comes to operating spray equipment, you want to make sure that the readings from your air pressure gauge are as accurate as possible. Be confident your equipment is providing a precise reading of its contents by measuring pressure with our selection of Shurflo liquid filled and dry gauges from Hypro.

Dry air pressure gauges are some of the most common parts used in the manufacturing of industrial equipment, but the majority of our selection is liquid filled fuel pressure gauges. Liquid filled gauges are typically filled with a fluid like glycerin or silicone to soften vibrations that could affect the pointer’s reading. The liquid filling will also keep the internal surface moisturized to prevent corrosion. When you use liquid filled pressure gauges from Hypro, know that you’re getting an accurate reading every time.

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SG160 SG160

2-1/2 DRY 1/4BM 160PSI

Our Price: $5.00
SG100 SG100

2-1/2 DRY 1/4BM 100PSI

Our Price: $6.20
SG30 SG30

2-1/2 DRY 1/4BM 30PSI

Our Price: $6.20
SG60 SG60

2-1/2 DRY 1/4BM 60PSI

Our Price: $6.20
GG100 GG100

2 1/2 LF SS 1/4BM 100PSI

Our Price: $18.50
GG160 GG160

2-1/2 LF SS 1/4BM 160PSI

Our Price: $18.50
GG30 GG30

2-1/2 LF SS 1/4BM 30PSI

Our Price: $18.50
GG60 GG60

2-1/2 LF SS 1/4BM 60PSI

Our Price: $18.50
40400FG02L160 40400FG02L160

4" 400FG 0-160 1/4LM

Our Price: $42.75
GG604 GG604

4in. SS LF 1/4 BM 60PSI

Our Price: $52.00