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Centrifugal Water Pumps

In agricultural and industrial spray applications, the smooth transfer of fluids is key to achieving a powerful and accurate spray job. A hydraulic driven centrifugal pump can be easily mounted on a tractor or sprayer, becoming a part of the hydraulic system and providing uninterrupted performance. From one of the industry’s top manufacturers, SFE Parts has a wide range of Hypro pumps that will improve the efficiency of your spray.

These high-pressure centrifugal pumps offer smooth performance when handling liquids like water, liquid fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides. The 9300 Series Hypro multistage centrifugal pumps are also designed to handle materials like acid fertilizer, calcium chloride and other corrosive liquids like phosphoric and sulfuric acids. No matter what your application needs are, a Hypro centrifugal pump makes a great addition to your equipment.

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9303C-HM5C 9303C-HM5C


Our Price: $680.00
9303C-HM4C 9303C-HM4C


Our Price: $685.00
9303C-HM1C 9303C-HM1C


Our Price: $705.00
9306C-HM5C 9306C-HM5C


Our Price: $769.32
Hypro 9306c Hydraulic-Driven Centrifugal Water Pump for Agriculture 9306C-HM1C-B3U

Hypro 9306c

Smooth transfer of liquids is key in achieving an accurate and efficient spray job, and a hydraulic-driven centrifugal pump makes a perfect addition to your equipment for providing unbeatable spray performance. With a cast iron housing, this hydraulic-driven water pump is heavy duty enough to handle a range of liquids and applications. Allowing for a max fluid temperature of 140°F/60°C, this Hypro pump is capable of handling everything from acid fertilizer and calcium chloride to other corrosive liquids like sulfuric and phosphoric acid.

Simpson Farm Enterprises is proud to be a Hypro pump dealer, offering our customers products from one of the industry’s top manufacturers.

Our Price: $925.00