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Precision Agriculture Technology

Connectivity is important for your agricultural spray equipment to continue to operate efficiently. Take care of faulty cables, sensors and wiring by replacing them with Raven Precision farming equipment from Simpson Farm Enterprises. Whether you’re looking for a Raven GPS guidance system or a speed extension cable, you’ll find it right here in our online store! We also carry speed sensor cables, assemblies and various other agricultural sensors and cables to meet your needs. Increase the amount of workable room with some of our longer cables, or install a convenient wheel drive speed sensor in order to track the wheel’s rotation.

Whatever kind of ag cables or sprayer sensors you’re looking for, rest assured that they’ll make your life just that much easier. Shop SFE Inc. today!

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115-0159-017 115-0159-017

12' Flow Extension Cable (440)

Our Price: $71.00
115-0159-032 115-0159-032

12' Speed Extension Cable

Our Price: $73.84
115-0159-018 115-0159-018

Raven 24 ft Speed Sensor Cable, SCS 440

Our Price: $85.28
115-0159-539 115-0159-539

Raven Radar Power Cable, 12'

Our Price: $126.88
115-0159-414 115-0159-414

24' Flow Control Extension Cable, SCS 440

Our Price: $193.44
063-0159-438 063-0159-438

Sensor Assembly (21') Standard

Our Price: $201.76
Raven Precision Flowmeter 60p Deutch for Apache 2013 & Newer 063-0159-484

Wheel Drive Speed Sensor- 21' (4 Magnet)

Our Price: $343.20
117-0171-224 117-0171-224


Our Price: $1,098.90